Press & Reviews

Chasing Rainbows

World Premiere, Flat Rock Playhouse

dir. Jeff Whiting


"The many supporting roles in "Chasing Rainbows" were for the most part excellent, starting with Wendi Bergamini, who plays Garland's mother, a woman with good intentions in a bad situation, making a few very bad decisions in the course of her daughter's life, such as starting and supporting her drug habit. And just when you think Bergamini has exhausted her engaging and subtle characterizations, she returns late in the play as the flamboyant Wicked Witch of the West." 

BlueRidgeNow, Times-News Online


"Wendi Bergamini is Ethel, his wife, who takes the Gumm girls to Hollywood as she grapples with how to create a life for herself and her daughters. Bergamini gives an often sad character a deep sense of humanity."  

Mountain XPress, Asheville, NC

My Life is a Musical

World Premiere, Bay Street Theatre

dir. Marlo Hunter


"His mother tries to teach him the difference between song and spoken conversation by demonstrating: “This is singing. This is talking.” But the audience hears her as he does, trilling with operatic abandon (in a funny performance by Wendi Bergamini) during the second sentence as well as the first." NY Times, Long Island


"The rest of the eight-person ensemble cast, directed wonderfully by Marlo Hunter, is top notch and each person has their moment to shine....The rest of the superb cast is comprised of Wendi Bergamini (Broadway: Evita, et. al.).... They each take on several roles throughout the two act production." BWW, Long Island


"Each of the eight actors in the ensemble is given something exciting and fun to do, with Brian Sills, Adam Daveline, Danyel Fulton and Wendi Bergamini playing several roles each, all with a deliriously heightened air." Dan's Papers, LI


"The multi-talented supporting cast—which includes Wendi Bergamini, Adam Daveline, Danyel Fulton, and Brian Sills—was amazing. Keeping count of the dizzying number of characters and super hot quick changes was impossible but each was memorable & mesmerizing. And each and every one of actors in the show gave it with gusto." The Sag Harbor Express

The Light in the Piazza

1st National Tour, FRANCA NACARELLI

dir. Bartlett Sher

"Wendi Bergamini is impressive as Franca, Fabrizio's sister-in-law; her solo, "The Joy You Feel," a dissonant lament about her faded marriage, features a tricky melody that she sings with assurance and pathos." Patriot News, Hershey 

"The score for The Light in the Piazza demands real skill: vocal fluidity, subtlety in phrasing, musical intelligence- and the three leads are not the only ones who display these qualities. Wendi Bergamini is precise and pretty and perfect as Fabrizio's sister-in-law." Westword, Denver, CO


"There’s another fiery current threaded through the 140-minute show (including intermission) between Giuseppe (Jonathan Hammond), Fabrizio’s brother, and his fashion-plate wife, Franca (Wendi Bergamini), who is incensed over his infidelities. Bergamini could sing opera, with pipes and passion to spare, in “The Joy You Feel,” one of the 17 numbers by Adam Guettel." Appeal-Democrat, Sacramento

"Bergamini is great as the embattled sister-in-law Franca, singing out her bitterness in 'The Joy You Feel.'" Press Telegram, Costa Mesa

"Craig Bennet as the imposing patriarch of the family and Wendi Bergamini as his dramatic daughter-in-law, Franca, are especially memorable in their performances." Sacramento Bee, Sacramento

"Wendi Bergamini gives Franca, Giuseppe’s wife spit and fire in the delight of instructing Fabrizio in English, standing up to her raucous husband and standing up for Clara, declaring “she has a right to fight for her love. We should all fight for our lovers.” Colorado Backstage, Colorado


​"Offering solid support as the fiery and funny Naccarelli clan are ...Wendi Bergamini, as the splendidly pouty daughter-in-law Franca..." Talkin' Broadway, Seattle





dir. Richard Stafford

"Cats that stand out from the cast- One of the standouts in the cast is Wendi Bergamini as Jellylorum, who uses her beautiful voice to reminisce about the notorious life of Asparagus- or Gus, as his friends call him." Atlantic City, NJ

 "There are some standouts. Wendi Bergamini gives a great performance as the protective Jellylorum and the hammy Griddlebone. Hers is one of the few enjoyable and noticeably trained singing voices." Talkin' Broadway, Las Vegas

"He is also greatly aided by Wendi Bergamini as Grittlebone, the white Persian cat who is the opera diva to Hartley's opera tenor. Bergamini and Hartley have hilarious facial expressions with great chemistry to make their operetta number pure enjoyment." Talkin' Broadway, Dallas

"...and Gus (William Hartery), the theatre cat, who tells his story of the good old days, with a beautiful assist by Wendi Bergamini as Jellylorum." The Daily Gazette, Schenectady, NY